Queensland Proud Boys assaulted by skinheads in an unprovoked attack

Saturday 10 October – three men appearing to be members of Brisbane SHARPs (Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice) assaulted four Proud Boys in an unprovoked coward-punch attack.

The Proud Boys had just finished participating in the Freedom Rally in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, which was hosted by indigenous group The People’s Revolution. As the Proud Boys stopped to order kebabs at the Fab Kebabs shop on Albert Street, a social justice do-gooder ran into Gilhooley’s Irish bar and tipped off the skinheads – who sources say had been in the pub for hours – about the Proud Boys being outside.

The SHARPs were seen psyching themselves up before walking out of the pub and towards the group. Without provocation or warning, the skinheads began throwing wild coward punches and spitting at the Proud Boys, who promptly defended themselves.

Two or three male bystanders stepped in to break up the brawl, the SHARPs retreating towards the pub while the bemused Proud Boys laughed at their ineffectual attack.

The irony of “anti-racist” skinheads – who are themselves misunderstood by normies as being racist – attacking Proud Boys based on the false media narrative that Proud Boys are white supremacists, was not lost on the Proud Boys. They happily stood their ground, mocking the SHARPs’ ridiculous rhetoric and powder-puff punches, until the attackers beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.

Proud Boys Queensland understands that the Queensland Police is seeking to comtact these three gentlemen to assist them with their enquiries. Fortunately, these guys aren’t very bright – are you, Luke Colwell, Paul DM and diminutive friend?

Proud Boys: we don’t start fights, but we’re happy to end them. UHURU

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