Victoria Proud Boys protect patriots and join in lockdown protests

At the lockdown protests on cup day in Melbourne, the brutality of Victoria Police officers showed the ruthless and heartless culture that has spread like a plague through the force.

Everyone was peacefully protesting, as they are entitled to do – which the Victorian Police commissioner had stated only days before. A few of us standing near the speakers heard a commotion, when we looked up and noticed the police had started plucking random vulnerable targets out of the crowd. As we approached the vicinity, we stood between the police and the women and children – who had been standing near the outside of the gathering before they were circled and intimated by the police.

It was then that the "V" formation of arresting officers tried to enter the circle and again pluck out an easy target; this time, a group of us Proud Boys were there, intervening, inviting them to take us. A scuffle broke out, at which time we were able to push the group of police back out empty handed. They then came back in, with their eyes clearly fixed on us Proud Boys. They hit us with the pepper spray, which disabled us instantly and ended any chance we had to again best them.

They were well organised, but they were wrong and they knew it. There was fear in their eyes. Our numbers were few and we made mistakes, but we learned, and we will now become more organised. We will not let our people be unlawfully assaulted and we have every right to defend them and ourselves. That is what we intend to do.

Special mention to Versace Cowboy and Jimmy Hittah; both are truly men amongst men. Their courage and honour showed that we owe them our respect. With men like them to fight for us, there is still hope for our future.

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